2012 Challenges

2012 Challenges
This is all very new to me. The blogging, the community and something else new I found? Challenges! I am really excited about these. Here are some challenges that I have found and am going to tackle for the new year. ((You can click on any image to take part of the fun or find out more about the challenges))

Challenge accepted :: On the Roof - Choose 6-10 challenges (entered and completed)
((This means that I have to find at least 5 more challenges to enter! eep!))

Challenge accepted :: Contagion - Choose 15 books to read

Challenge accepted :: Server - Choose 100 ebooks to read
((It may seem like a lot but then I realized that I have had my Kindle for nine days and have read 4 books. Two of those books had over 1,000 pages each. I think I can handle 100 books in one year but we'll see!!))

1st in a Series Challenge 2012
Challenge accepted :: Series Expert - Read 12 books that are the first in any series

Challenge accepted :: Four Sexy Archangels - Read 24 speculative romance novels

((This one is a bit more complicated, I will make a post for it on its own later. I am super excited for this one!!))

Challenge accepted :: The mini YA - Choose 12 young adult books to read.