Review Policies

Review Scale

Because I use to list my reviews, I use their star rating system. The scale is from one star to five stars but I thought I would describe a bit how I view those stars.

One star: Reserved for books I could not finish.
Two stars: Finished the book but did not like it and would never read it again.
Three stars: The book was alright. I wouldn't read it again but it had its good parts.
Four stars: Enjoyed the book as a whole and would recommend it to someone else and would probably read it again.
Five stars: Absolutely LOVED the book, would recommend it to others, would read it again and it was most likely added to my favorites shelf.

Review Policy

Usually I read books that I already own or have borrowed from friends or the library. My to be read list has over two hundred books on it so I am never without reading material. That being said, I am usually more than willing to accept books from authors or publishers for review! 

I prefer ebooks just because I take my kindle everywhere and that is how I do the majority of my reading. I have a kindle fire so not only can I read .mobi on it but also .epub files and those are the two that I prefer. I will accept paperback and/or hardbacks as well though so please don't hesitate to inquire about a review! 

Please keep in mind that as a whole, I read and review young adult books however I also read adult romance - both paranormal and contemporary.