Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dragonfly in Amber :: 37%

Well, I am currently 37% through Dragonfly in Amber and it is slowly starting to pick up. I've been pretty disappointed so far because it took me so long to get into this book. After tearing through Outlander (I hated putting it down!) I was expecting the same out of Dragonfly as soon as I picked it up, sadly, it just wasn't meant to be. It was only my love for Jamie Frasier that kept me going through this book to this point. The new characters introduced haven't made me fall in love with them yet and the other new minor characters have me barely remembering their names. I am definitely missing the rowdy highland crowd from Outlander. Still, I am not even half way through yet so there is still the hope it will pick up. The last few chapters have at least been much better than the first quarter of the book. For those of you who have read the series, which was your favorite book? Keep the comments spoiler free for those of us who haven't finished the least until I figure out how to keep spoilers hidden!

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