Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Cinder (Lunar Chronicles, #1)Cinder by Marissa Meyer
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Robots scare me. Almost as much as birds scare me but not quite. So when I opened this book and saw the word Cyborg I nearly just closed it back up and moved on to the next book. However, I have been doing that a lot lately and promised myself I would not do it again so I plowed on through the androids and cyborgs. I am so glad I did! I loved this book! Yet another author whose writing style I fully appreciated. It was easy to read without making me feel like the story was being dumbed down for me. It was amazing. The story flowed so easily and kept me engaged throughout the whole thing.

The story is a futuristic adaption of the Cinderalla story. There were parts of it that were very much reminiscent of the fairy tale. There's a ball, evil stepmothers, sister and queens and a handsome prince. Other parts of the story were so far from the fairy tale though that you wouldn't even know it was an adaption.

Our heroine, Cinder, was a wonderful character. Her emotions were conveyed in a way that had me feeling what she was feeling. That was what won me over to the whole cyborg thing. She had machine and metal as parts but at her core she was very much human with human emotions. Her love for her sister, her compassion for other people, it was all very touching. She felt shame for who she was, embarrassment for what she had been made into and still managed to express confidence and strength throughout the story as well. I adored her little android friend too and that was surprising to me!

Prince Kai (I love that name!) was an awesome prince. He was compassionate, a strong leader willing to make difficult choices but still showed that hint of vulnerability that makes a great leading character. I wanted to know more about him, about his past and what made him into the person he was so I am hoping there is more of his back story in the next installment of the series. The interaction between Kai and Cinder was adorable! I was rooting for them through the whole story and will continue doing so while I anxiously await the next book which is WAY too far away!

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  1. I'm a new follower ^^

    And this book sounds great! I love fairytales and retellings are so fun to read. This one sounds so original and good written. Thanks for the review! I hope I can read this one soon, so I can post a review about it.

  2. I just finished CInder last week and loved it!

    Congratulations, You've won the Liebster Award!