Friday, April 6, 2012

Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma

ForbiddenForbidden by Tabitha Suzuma
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I need to read some fluff. Immediately. I need a book that has puppies and flowers and rich preppy kids who drive Mercedes and their biggest problem is the fact that they didn't finish their English essays. Shoot, I need to go play with real puppies and eat candy and watch a comedy.

“At what point does a fly give up trying to escape through a closed window – does its survival instincts keep it going until it is physically capable of no more,or does it eventually learn after one crash too many that there is no way out? At what point do you decide that enough is enough?”

Just by reading the blurb, you know this book isn't going to have a happy ending. I mean, how could it? However, by half way through the book you are trying to convince yourself that something is going to happen to make these two kids lives okay or even just a little bit better. Forbidden is a book that evokes emotions. Really strong emotions at that. Sadly, they aren't happy emotions. Confusion, horror, heart break, desperation, hope...there are so many things that this book brought out in me.

I love Lochlan. (Side note, I HATE the nickname 'Lochie') He's vulnerable and raw. A shell of a broken boy who just wants to feel like he is doing the right thing for someone. Being everything to everyone and never being enough has to be exhausting. I just wanted to hug him throughout the entire book. He broke my heart time and time again. I don't think a fictional character in any books has ever affected me the way that this boy did. Even now thinking about him I just want to cry and that does not happen very often for me. I can read some really sad books and not even get misty but damn, Lochlan makes me want to sob like a baby.

I also just want to say, as a disclaimer sort of deal, that this book doesn't make incest seem like the cool thing to do. It's not telling anyone to go out and get freaky with their sister. This book is about two people who felt like there was no one else in the world who could understand and relate to them except for each other. It's about, at its core, dysfunction and the way that affects a family unit. While there were 'romantic' moments between them, it was almost always a sense of desperation that surrounded them. The inner turmoil that both of them went through showed that they knew this wasn't normal behavior, heck, they told each other it wasn't. Their love wasn't beautiful, it was heartbreaking and frantic.

“At what point do you give up - decide enough is enough? There is only one answer really. Never.”

Oh and P.S...I literally wanted to choke Kit myself.

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  2. I've had this book for awhile but haven't read it yet. The subject matter is so intriguing yet dark that I need to be up for it.

    1. Yeah, it is definitely a heart-wrenching sort of read!