Sunday, January 15, 2012

Booking Through ((Sunday)) #1

I came across an awesome meme Booking Through Thursday and decided to give it a try! These things are new to me so be gentle. Also, I know it says Thursday but I switched it on over to Sundays is Sunday and I wanted to start today! So here we go!

This week's BTT is an interview with me, how awesome is that?!

1. What’s your favorite time of day to read? I read all day whenever I get a chance. My all time favorite time to read though is whenever I get my coffee. (I am a Starbucks addict!) I will go outside, bring all the dogs out and sit on my porch swing reading, drinking my coffee, smoking a cigarette (I am also addicted to nicotine, I have a lot of vices) and watching the dogs (also addicted to dogs, have four of them) play. It really is one of my favorite times of day. 
2. Do you read during breakfast? (Assuming you eat breakfast.) I do not eat breakfast. I never have for some reason, not since elementary school. It upsets my stomach. The only exception is maybe McDonalds hashbrowns. (Another vice?) I will eat those in the morning. 
3. What’s your favorite breakfast food? (Noting that breakfast foods can be eaten any time of day.) I loved eggs! 
4. How many hours a day would you say you read? It depends on the day! If the husband is gone all day, I could read for five or six hours and then get everything done that I needed to do in an hour because I am cool like that. On a normal day though, I probably read for an hour or two...sometimes three. 
5. Do you read more or less now than you did, say, 10 years ago? More as of recently. 10 years ago I read a lot as well but then it sort of tapered off. Once the husband got me a kindle fire though, I went back to reading like a maniac. 
6. Do you consider yourself a speed reader? According to a test I was made to take in college, I read around 700 wpm on a screen (1000 wpm on paper) with a 91% comprehension. So yep, I read rather quickly. 
7. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? The amazing power to eat whatever I liked and still maintain the perfect weight? Is that a super power? If not, I vote that it should be. If we are talking typical super powers fly. 
8. Do you carry a book with you everywhere you go? I used to carry one a lot but I now carry my kindle EVERYWHERE. It's amazing. 
9. What KIND of book? Whatever book I was reading at the time! If it was a big hardcover book, I would just carry a bigger purse! 
10. How old were you when you got your first library card? Probably around six or so...maybe eight? I remember doing the summer reading program there when I was really, really young. 
11. What’s the oldest book you have in your collection? (Oldest physical copy? Longest in the collection? Oldest copyright?) I don't think I own any cool older books. I can say the book that I have owned the longest is Follow my leader it was published in 1957 and I have owned it since I was 6 years old or so which would make it..21 years in my possession! 
12. Do you read in bed? Sometimes but oddly enough I prefer to read on the couch until I am exhausted and then go to bed. 
13. Do you write in your books? Text books, yes. Fiction books, no. 
14. If you had one piece of advice to a new reader, what would it be? Don't limit yourself to just one genre! A few years ago, I began reading paranormal fiction and that was all I would read. Now I have gone on to memoir's, young adult fiction, historical romances....there is just so much out there! You never know what you might love.  


  1. Hi! I just found you over at Booking Through Thursday and popped by to follow you!!

  2. No skipping breakfast! Never pass up an opportunity to eat.