Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Challenge Update!

We still have a week left of January (It went by so fast, didn't it?!) but I thought I would go ahead and see how far along I am on the mess of challenges that I have signed up for!

And here we go!

Challenge #1
GoodReads 2012 reading challenge.
Challenge accepted : Read 200 books.
Current status: 33 out of 200 books

Challenge #2
2012 Ebooks Challenge
Challenge accepted :  Read 100 books. (I should have made that a higher number!)
Current status : 33 out of 100 books

Challenge #3
1st in a series in a challenge
Challenge accepted : 12 books
Current status : 5 out of 12 books (If trilogies count as a series)

Challenge #4
Speculative Romance Challenge
Challenge accepted : Read 24 speculative romances
Current status : 3 out of 24 books (I have been reading mostly contemporary romances this month for another challenge!)

Challenge #5
2012 Young Adult Reading Challenge
Challenge accepted : Read 50+ young adult books
Current status : 30 out of 50+ books

Challenge #6
GoodReads Never to old for YA monthly Challenge
Contemporary Romances
Total books read : 33

Challenge #7

What's in a name 5
Since this challenge is a little more complex
I will make another post for it separately!

Challenge #8
Reading Challenge Addict
Challenge accepted : accept and complete 6-10 challenges
Current status : 8 challenges currently accepted, 1 completed.

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