Saturday, February 18, 2012

More about Callum & Harper!

Fisher Amelie was awesome enough to tweet a link about the story behind the cover for Callum & Harper! A lot of you picked up on themes that I hadn't and that, my friends, is the reason I LOVE Shelf Candy Saturdays. I adore hearing what other people see when they look at an awesome cover and finding out things that I missed. It's like a light bulb goes on over my head! Here is more about the cover that had us all talking!

You can check out the story here and there are a lot of other cool stories as well!

 “My hubs and I designed it. Okay, the hubs designed it and I just stood behind him saying things like, ‘Oooh! Move this here. No, no, it looked better where you had it’. Anyway, I had a general idea of what I wanted the cover to look like and we went from there. 
The entire thing is a giant metaphor. To Callum, Harper is the sun. She lights his path. Therefore, the reason a blazing sun shines down on her. To Harper, Callum is the night. He keeps her guarded and sheltered from those she wishes not to be shown to. Therefore, the reason the moon hangs above Callum. 
 But the most important part of the entire cover is the fact that both characters are                                            falling, spiraling out of control and yes, it seems daunting because, well, it is. The entire book is a disparaging fight for life and happiness. But it’s also sort of contradictory in the fact that they still have direction. Although they are collapsing, tumbling into one another, they aren’t lost. They have real direction despite the fact they have no real idea what to do with themselves or their dire situations because although they’re falling...they’re falling towards each other.” Fisher Amelie, author

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