Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tiger's Voyage by Colleen Houck

Tiger's Voyage (The Tiger Saga, #3)Tiger's Voyage by Colleen Houck
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Can someone please tell me why I insist on continuing to read books based around a love triangle? I know they just piss me off and yet I continue to do it. It makes it even harder when I like both of the guys! I gotta say though, Ren getting all commanding and bossy? Definitely won him some points. It seems like the brothers are trading places with Kishan becoming the understanding, patient one and Ren being the one with the attitude. I always love the boys with the attitudes. The things keeping Kelsey and Ren apart are so frustrating though! It makes you want to just slap the whole lot of them.

I have read some other reviews about how Kelsey and Ren's love is too encompassing, world ending, etc. I can see that. I think the reason I don't have an issue with it is because I am an adult reading a YA book. I am used to Adult PNR where so many of the books are about 'bonding' 'mating' and soul mates that it seems normal to me. I suppose that you could say it is sending an unreasonable, unhealthy view to teenage girls reading this book. I guess. I would hope that most teenage girls would realize this is a book about people who turn into tigers so the circumstance isn't exactly the same as their budding romance with their lab partner in biology.

Of course, there is more to this book than the relationships, although that is the main focus of it. Some parts were hilarious! I loved Randi and her outrageous comments. This book got a little more emotional for me than the previous two did. The fear, the heartache, it all felt a little more real to me this time around. It could possibly be that I already have an irrational, overblown fear of sharks but the action scenes had me on the edge of my seat where as usually, I kind of just skim over them. The adventure was exciting and kept me interested through each step. I LOVED the dragons. Each one was unique with their own personalities and they added to the story.

Yet again, the only complaint would be that some parts were, again, bogged down with details. Yachts, typhoons...just a lot of details that didn't add to the story. I do enjoy most of the cultural and mythological explanations but even they can get a bit wordy and drawn out in some parts. Overall, it was, yet again, another wonderful book that, of courses, ended on a cliff hanger and left me waiting anxiously for the next installment!


  1. You must like the way it makes you angry, to keep reading books about love triangles, lol. It's always fun to get worked up over books, it shows that they're really good.

  2. You might be right, Melissa because I just can't seem to avoid them! Even if I know before hand that there is going to be a love triangle I think "well, maybe it won't be that stressful..."

  3. It's funny the way we reason with ourselves sometimes. :)

  4. Great Review. I love the Tiger Series! New Follower here :D -TheUnseelieNerd.